Our range of promotional yoyos can all be printed or branded. From our personalised light and clutch to a budget printed plastic yoyo. Our range of printed yo-yos are an ideal exhibition giveaway. For an executive high class gift which can be engraved our silver plated yoyo fits the bill.

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Promo Yo-yo

From £0.55
Good Quality Plastic Promotional YoYo. Many colours available.

Clutch yo-yo

Price on request
Clutch yo yo

Light and Clutch Yo-Yo

Price on request
Printed light and clutch yo-yo

Red Clutch Yo Yo

Price on request
Red Clutch Yo Yo

Natus yoyo

From £0.53
Wooden yoyo

Sustainable Wooden Yoyo

From £1.46
Sustainable Wooden Yoyo

Wooden YO-YO

From £1.30
A great gift for adults and kids the Wooden Yoyo is made from FSC certified timb..

Recycled Plastic Yo-Yo

From £0.72
Recycled Plastic Yo-Yo

The modern day Yo-yo became popular in California in the 1920's starting with the classic wooden model. This model is still avaliable today which gives a greats classic and eco friendly feel to it. 

The yo-yo later developed to the metal axis to give it a better and more even spin which is now the popular style we see with the clutch yo-yo.

Some might think that the Yo-Yo is just a kids toy but this is a sport that is taken very seriously with it even having it own world tournement!

Back in the 1985 the Yo-Yo was one of the toys NASA took into space to see the affects of gravity - so this is a promotion that is quite literally out of this world!

We can offer a range of colours and even at certain quantites can produce the Yo-Yo pantone matched and with flashing lights inside known at the light and clutch yoyo.

The plastic model can be printed up to full colour both sides and the wooden Yo-Yo's can also be engraved for a stylish look! The wooden Yo-Yo has also proven very popular as an Environmentally Friendly giveaway.

A timeless toy for your timeless brand. Contact our sales team today for quotes and free visuals 

Random Fact: One of the most common yo-yo tricks is ‘walk the dog’, which is when the toy appears to be spinning along the ground in front of your feet.