Promotional desktop items are an ideal way to get your company logo seen all day long. AMT can supply many promotional items ranging from printed paper pads and branded sticky notes, to personalised mouse mats. If you would like to personalise your desktop promotional gifts even further we can offer products such as bespoke stress items and pantone matched mugs. With a wide choice of products which can be branded in a variety of ways, we are sure to be able to help you find the best desktop product to suit your brand. 

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Stress Balls

From £1.34
Budget foam stress balls ideal for a 1 or 2 colour logo

6 Inch 15cm Ruler

From £0.81
6 Inch 15cm Ruler

Antibug Mousemat and Coaster Set

From £3.50
This product is treated with our patent protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment to keep germs at bay. All items printed full colour

Bamboo Calculator

From £11.80
Solar Powered Calculator

Bamboo Desktop Storage and Charger

From £15.33
This bamboo desk box is also a wireless charger

Brain Stress Toy

From £1.41
Stress Brain Item

Energy Saving Light Bulb

From £2.21
Light Bulb Stress Item

Fidget Cube

From £3.30
Fidget Cube

Hard Hat Stress Toy

From £1.27
Hard Hat Stress Item

Heart Shaped Stress Toy

From £0.93
Love heart stress item

House Shaped Stress Toy

From £1.88
House Stress Item

Ship Stress Toy

From £2.10
Ship Stress Item

Smiley Face

From £1.10
70 mm foam smiley face

Snowman Stress Ball

From £1.88
Snowman stress item

Stress Aeroplane

From £1.53
Stress Aeroplane

Stress Apple

From £1.79
Apple Stress Item

Stress Armchair

From £1.76
Phone Holder Stress Item

Stress Beach Ball

From £1.81
Stress Beach Ball

Stress Beer

From £1.51
Pint of Beer stress item.

Stress Beer Mug

From £2.02
Mug of Beer Stress Item

Most UK workers sit at their desk between 4 and 9 hours a day! This could be their office desk or in more recent times working from a home office. The working day at a desk can be made a lot easier having everything to hand that you, your employee, or clients needs.

Let’s take the Classic Mouse mat - This promotional product has been around for a long time but it is still timeless, we offer a soft material style mouse mat - a hardtop mouse mat with antibacterial properties and we also offer a dual function mouse mat that can also be used as a screen cleaner, great for when you are on the move with a laptop! They can be printed in full colour with a vibrant finish sometimes it can be handy to print important so it is always to hand!

Calculators and Rulers may also sound like things you had back at school but that doesn’t mean that they aren't still products that are handy today! 

Desk items aren't limited to the office environment they are also great in an educational setting. Get your students off to a great start for the year - but we aren't held responsible if they go missing!