Branded Eco-Friendly Products, Sustainable Promotional Items and more! Check out our range of eco items and our dedicated key system which clearly indicates the eco credentials & accreditations of each product. 

We are very proud to have partnered with Ecologi, an environmental organisation which allows businesses and individuals to contribute to tree planting and carbon reduction projects around the world.

Through this we have created a Climate Positive Workforce. We contribute to these projects on a monthly basis, allowing us to offset every team member’s carbon footprint. Ecologi calculate our contribution based on the miles we drive and the distances we fly, so that our carbon footprints are being offset from both our working and personal lives.

Click here to see our virtual forest and to see the ways in which we are contributing.

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RPET Sports Bottle

From £3.92
A reusable sports bottle made from RPET

RPET Reusable Drinking Bottle

From £3.45
A reusable drinking bottle made from RPET

The Ocean Bottle

From £42.74
Branded eco friendly Ocean Bottle

Recycled Double Wall Americano Mug

From £4.93
A double wall travel mug made from recycled material

500ml Eco Sports Bottle

From £1.34
Finger Grip 500ml Eco Sports Bottle

Circular&Co cup 12oz

Price on request
Circular&Co cup 12oz

Ecoffee Cup 8oz

Ecoffee Cup 8oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Challenger Tumbler

From £2.21
Challenger Tumbler

Ecoffee Cup 12oz

Ecoffee Cup 12oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Eco Can

From £8.01
Eco Drinking Can

H2O Bop Sports Bottle

From £3.13
500ml Sports Bottle

Circular&Co cup 8oz

Price on request
Circular&Co cup 8oz

Ecoffee Cup 14oz

Ecoffee Cup 14oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Americano Pure

From £4.10
Americano Cup with built-in antimicrobial protection

Biodegradable Universal Tumbler

From £3.05
The universal tumbler made from biodegradable materials.

H2O Eco 650 ml sport bottle

From £4.24
Sport bottle made with recycled ocean plastic.

Shiva Bio Sports Bottle 500ml

Price on request
Biodegradable Plastic Sports Drink Bottle. Available White & Clear Transparent. 100% Biodegradable. 100% Recyclable. Made From 20% Recycled Materials. Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Chocolate Bean Cube

From £2.70
Chocolate Bean Maxi Cube

Eco Friendly Box of Jolly Beans

From £2.40
Eco Friendly Box of Jolly Beans

Eco Friendly Sweet Stacking Pot

From £5.59
4 Eco Sweet Pots Stacked in a Paper Wrap

Why Branded Eco Products?

There are huge benefits to switching your branded gifts and promotional stationery products over to environmentally friendly alternatives. Gifting your customer’s eco-friendly products sets aside your company from the rest. You are sending out strong messages to your clients about your company, more than just a recycled pen!

In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the interest of contributing to the environment and leading a greener lifestyle. Branded Eco products will help set your company aside from others and will assist in creating a positive corporate image for your brand. From printed recycled pencils and promotional cotton shoppers, to branded dynamo torches, all of our eco promotional items are environmentally friendly and can help to reduce the environmental impact of your business. 

Some of the benefits include ...

By switching to eco-friendly promotional products your company is taking active steps to help limit the impact of your company’s footprint on the environment. Your promotional gifts are a direct reflection of this commitment. You also have scope for gaining more clientele; a lot of individuals take steps to eliminate companies they use if they believe they are not making the effort to reduce their impact on the environment.

Creating a talking point

Did you know that many of our eco-friendly products have a story to tell? From bags made from recycled plastic bottles found on beaches. To items made from 100% waste and recycled products which also degrade up to 200 times faster than normal plastic.

Get in contact

With so many ways in which products can be considered eco-friendly it is easy to get over whelmed with the options. From biodegradable and recyclable items, to products made from recycled or organic materials. This is where we come in. Our sales team are experts in finding the right product for our clients; just get in contact with us, tell us your requirements, and let us do the rest. We can send over ideas lists full of products suitable for your budget, event type and lead-time. Our in-house graphics team are always available for complimentary visuals too, so you can get a really good idea of what your finished product might look like.