Promotional Wireless Chargers, an exciting new range, perfect branded with a logo for exclusive promotions or as a personalised gift to valued clients. Ideal for on-the-go customers who need an easy customised solution to charge their smartphones.

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Bamboo 5W wireless charging stand

From £14.23
Wireless Charging Stand

Smart Wireless Pad

From £8.61
Smart Wireless Pad

Smart Wireless Pad Mini

From £5.53
Smart Wireless Pad Mini

Bolt fast charge wireless charger

From £17.04
Bolt fast charge wireless charger

Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Stand

From £10.71
Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless Charging Pad 5W

From £5.61
Charging pad with 2 port 2.0 hubs and USB port computer to create wireless charging dock for smartphones.

Wireless Charger Pad

From £4.15
Wireless charger. Connect device to your computer, place smartphone on it to begin charging.

2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

From £5.50
2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless portable charger

From £22.21
Wireless portable charger

Bamboo Desktop Storage and Charger

From £15.33
This bamboo desk box is also a wireless charger

Bamboo and Wheat Straw Charger

From £3.56
Bamboo multi charger made from environmentally-friendly materials

Dual Wireless Charging Pad

From £40.66
15W Premium Dual Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Power Bank

From £41.24
5000 mAh 5W magnetic wireless power bank

Bamboo Power Bank

From £28.76
Bamboo Power Bank 6000 mAh

Nago Wireless Charger

From £20.05
Bamboo Wireless Charger with Car Mount

Adia 10W Wireless Charger

From £12.66
Universal Vent Mount

Viento Desktop Fan/Wireless Charger

From £16.22
Fan has 3 speed settings with LED light

Yapo storage and charger

From £12.20
SIM Card and Wire Storage

Torre Wireless Charger and Phone stand

From £22.53
Foldable Smartphone Holder and Stand

Foldable Wireless Charger

From £13.60
Made with RPET

Almost all of your clients now will own a smart phone, and a smartphone that is in their hand most of the day - When it comes to charging time what could be more ideal that your brand or promotion being in the place that provides reconnection to almost all our daily tasks. This could be in the home or office which also makes it a great desk promotion.

The wireless charger saves all the leads and means things can be conviently charged without finding the right cable. There are some wireless chargers that can even charge multiple devices at once.

Our range of wireless chargers can be printed spot colour up to full colour or can be engraved for a sleek stylish feel. The bamboo wireless charger has proven popular in out eco friendly range. 

Wireless chargers are compatible with most smartphones (including iphone and android) meaning it is a great promotional item but our sales team will be happy to provide you more information if you are unsure if this could work with your campaign. 

Random Fact: The wireless charger has been around since 1820. Using an electric current and a magnetic compass