Promotional University Items are a great way to get your name out there. Branded with a school name, we are able to supply a wide choice of printed university and college products. Whether it be branded desk items, printed bags, embossed notebooks or personalised pens - we offer it all. Printed lanyards are a great giveaway for visitors and prospective new students, we can also supply printed or embroidered clothing which are ideal for promotional university events. 

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Hard Enamel Pin Badge

Price on request
Bespoke Shape and Design

Keyring and bottle opener

From £0.58
Aluminium Keyring and Bottle Opener Available in many colours

Men's Varsity Hoodie

From £14.93
Men's Varsity Hoodie

Evernote Recycled Paper Notebook

From £1.11
A6 Recycled Paper

Cotton Foldable Shopper

From £4.37
Cotton Foldable Shopper

The Ocean Bottle

From £42.74
Branded eco friendly Ocean Bottle

Bamboo Pen & Pencil Gift Set

From £9.89
Gift set with ball pen and mechanical pencil in wooden box. Black ink.

RCS Recycled Plastic Powerbank

From £18.96
RCS Recycled Plastic Powerbank

ABS Wireless Earphones Marmara

From £17.52
Earphones in a bamboo case with wireless technology version 5.0. Includes charging cable.

X8 smooth touch pen

From £0.67
A smooth touch pen created for comfort

Torpedo Metal Ball Pen

From £0.43
Promotional Retractable Ballpen

University giveaways are a marketing tool that can be used to promote a university's brand, attract prospective students, engage current students, and build relationships with alumni and donors. These giveaways can range from customised T-shirts and water bottles to USB drives and stress balls, and can be distributed at university events, recruitment fairs, orientations, and other promotional opportunities. In this essay, I will explain why university giveaways are beneficial and how they can impact a university's image and reputation.

First and foremost, university giveaways can increase brand awareness and create recognition among students, alumni, and the wider community. By distributing branded merchandise, universities can increase visibility and promote their identity and mission. For example, if a student wears a T-shirt with the university's logo or mascot, it can attract attention from others and promote the institution. Additionally, if alumni receive a branded gift, they may be more likely to remember and support their alma mater in the future.

Secondly, university giveaways can be used as a recruitment tool to attract prospective students to a university's campus. For example, by offering branded water bottles or tote bags at college fairs, universities can attract attention and generate interest in their programs. Additionally, by giving prospective students a useful and personalized item, universities can create a positive impression and increase the likelihood of a student considering their institution.

Thirdly, university giveaways can increase student engagement and satisfaction, leading to improved retention rates. By offering free items such as branded pens or stress balls, universities can create excitement and engagement among students. This can also create a sense of community and pride, as students are more likely to wear or use an item that represents their university. Furthermore, by creating a positive experience for students through giveaways, they may be more likely to recommend the university to others, resulting in an increase in referrals and applications.

Fourthly, university giveaways can serve as a form of advertising for a university. If a student wears a branded T-shirt or uses a branded USB drive in public, they are promoting the university to others who may not have been aware of it. This can lead to increased interest and support for the institution. Additionally, if a donor or alumni receives a branded item, it may serve as a reminder to support the university and contribute to its mission.

Finally, university giveaways can be used to build relationships with alumni, strengthening the university's reputation and support. By offering a small gift or token of appreciation, universities can show their gratitude for the support of alumni. This can result in increased loyalty and continued support, as well as positive word-of-mouth promotion.