Promotional Sweets are a great way to advertise your brand in a way that will appeal to all ages. Branded confectionery and personalised sweets are available in many product forms to suit all budgets. We can offer customised mint tins, printed sweet packets, and personalised bags of sweets with a wide choice of different fillings available. Some of our promotional sweets can be colour matched to your own brand colours. The packaging of many of our promotional sweets can be customised and printed in full colour. Whatever the budget we will be able to find the ideal branded sweets for you.

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Eco Friendly Sweet Stacking Pot

From £5.59
4 Eco Sweet Pots Stacked in a Paper Wrap

Mint Tin

From £0.92
Rectangular Mint Tin

Midi Eco Pot - Mint Imperials

From £1.85
Midi Eco Pot - Mint Imperials

Logo Lolly

From £1.26
Embossed Logo Lolly

Chewing Gum Packs

From £0.97
Chewing Gum Packs

Football Lollies

From £0.35
Football Lollies

Gourmet Jelly Beans Maxi Round Pot

From £1.88
Filled with your choice of 36 Gourmet Jelly Bean flavours

Love Heart Sweet

From £0.44
Individual Rolls of Love Hearts

Maxi – Millions

From £2.40
The Clear Maxi tube filled with Millions is the largest of the 3 clear tubes.

Maxi Retro Tub

From £1.27
Maxi Round Filled with Mix of Old School Retro Sweets

Mint Loops

From £0.80
Mint Loops

Personalised Mints

From £0.05
Branded Mints Flow Pack


From £1.88
Branded Microwavable Popcorn

Retro Sweet Cube

From £2.00
Retro sweet mix in cube box

Sweet Tube- Jelly Beans

From £1.28
Sweet tubes filled with jelly beans

Sweet Tube-Chocolate Beanies

From £1.26
Sweet tubes filled with chocolate beanie chocolates

Eco Friendly Box of Jolly Beans

From £2.40
Eco Friendly Box of Jolly Beans

Eco Friendly House of Skittles

From £2.45
Eco Friendly House of Skittles

Eco Friendly Chocolate Bean Cube

From £2.70
Chocolate Bean Maxi Cube

Maxi Eco Pot - Chocolate Footballs

From £2.02
Maxi Eco Pot - Chocolate Footballs

Promotional products are a useful item that are branded with an advertisers name, logo or message. What could be sweeter than confectionary to leave a lasting impression with your clients. 

We speak about products being useful and reusable - so where do sweets come in to this as a giveaway?

A packets of sweets or mints, yes may not last forever, but in that moment you are creating an immediate connection with your market. 

Sweets are a great giveaway at a wide range of events including fresher weeks and kids events. They are low cost quick turnaround item and can be branded in a range of ways. We have the ability to print to both the packaging and directly to the sweet to make your campaign extra sweet!

AMT also think about the environmental impact that sweet wrappers could make therefore we also offer a range of eco friendly sweets that are made in biodegradable packaging so once the sweets have been enjoyed then they are 100% compostable.

Sweets come in all shapes and sizes so we will be sure to find a delicious treat to fit in with your branding and campaign.

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