Promotional reusable bags are becoming one of the most popular ways to advertise your branding. Since the introduction of the 5p carrier charge printed shopping bags have increased in range and styles. From the everyday cotton shopper bag that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – to the non-woven shopping bag which is slightly more budget but still just as durable. Personalised shopping bags can be folded and reused time and time again making it the perfect giveaway at all events, conferences & exhibitions.

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Recycled Paper Carrier Bag

From £0.69
Natural Brown Carrier Bag with Tape Handles, Made Using 100% Recycled Paper.

Brookvale Shopper

From £1.06
Recyclable 80gsm non woven PP catalogue Bag with built in handles and machine heat sealed finish.

Bayford Reusable Shopper

From £1.70
210D polyester large shopper which folds into a pouch in the corner of the bag and seals with a pull string

Tucana Shopper

From £1.22
Tucana Shopper

Campo de Fiori

From £4.08
Jute and canvas shopping bag

Contrast Shopper

From £1.46
Contrast Shopper Bag For Life

Nevada Natural Tote

From £1.51
Nevada Natural Tote

Yatch Bag

From £4.82
Cotton duffle bag bicolour

Ya Bag

From £4.15
Cotton duffle bag

Ellis Foldable Bag

From £1.63
Supplied in zipped Pouch

Long Handle Foldable Shopper

Price on request
Long Handle Foldable Shopper

Pocket Pouch Foldable Shopper

Price on request
Pocket Pouch Foldable Shopper

The Large Jute Tote

From £4.91
The Large Jute Tote. Jute tote with open main compartment and Velcro closure

Westford Mill Shopper

From £3.74
Westford Mill Shopper

Dunluce Mini Bag

From £1.18
Dunluce Mini Bag

Calcutta Jute Tote Bag

From £4.31
Jute Bag

Zeus Convention Tote

From £1.08
Zeus Convention Tote

BottleBag original

From £2.29
Made from 100% rPET

BottleBag Pack

From £2.22
made from 100% rPET

Chow Jute Shopper

From £4.07
Large Classic Jute Bag

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, branded reusable bags have become an ingenious and eco-friendly choice for brand promotion. These bags, made from durable and sustainable materials, are more than just carriers; they are ambassadors of your brand's commitment to a greener world.

Picture this: Your logo, message, or artwork elegantly displayed on a reusable bag. These bags essentially become walking billboards for your brand, spreading your message wherever they go. From grocery stores to the gym, your brand goes along for the journey, increasing visibility and recognition.

The eco-friendly appeal of branded reusable bags resonates with the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. By choosing these bags, you demonstrate your brand's dedication to responsible choices. They not only reduce the need for single-use plastic bags but also promote sustainability as part of your brand's identity.

Cost-effective and versatile, these bags offer an excellent return on investment. They are affordable, especially when purchased in bulk, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes. Their long lifespan ensures ongoing visibility for your brand, a smart marketing move for any budget.

What's more, these bags are practical and multifunctional. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials to suit different purposes, from grocery shopping to daily errands. Their reusability encourages customers to reduce waste, making them part of a sustainable lifestyle and your brand a catalyst for change.

In a world where consumers favor brands that show social and environmental responsibility, branded reusable bags allow your business to shine as a responsible and ethical choice. This positive association can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust.

In summary, branded reusable bags are not just carriers of goods; they are sustainable, versatile, and cost-effective tools for promoting your brand responsibly. Embrace these eco-friendly ambassadors and let your brand make a statement in support of a greener tomorrow.