Whether you need branded puzzles for team building exercises, or fun items to send out to individuals’ homes, we have a great range to choose from. We have a wide range of fun items from the printed tangle and elastic cube to the branded Wooden Stacking Jenga Blocks. Our branded tangles can incorporate 4 different lines of text, they come in a range of colours and are the perfect size for mailouts. The Branded Wooden Stacking jenga Blocks can be engraved and can even be supplied in a branded box! All puzzles can be branded with a company logo or slogan.

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A4 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

From £3.61
A4 48 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

12 Piece Jigsaw with Mailer Carton

From £1.22
Jigsaw with Mailing Carton


Price on request
The promotional Tangle is a stress relieving promotional puzzle

3 x 3 Key Chain

From £5.34
Rubiks cube with 6 faces, 9 squares on each face and a keyring attachment Each ..

Playing Cards

Price on request
Playing Cards

Rotating Puzzle Cube

Price on request
Rotating Puzzle Cube

3 x 3 Rubiks Cube

From £5.75
3 x 3 Rubiks cube. 6 faces, 9 squares per face. Each face may be personalised in..

Wooden Stacking Blocks Jenga

Price on request
Wooden Stacking Blocks (Jenga)

Crazy Tower Game

From £1.99
Wood balance crazy tower game. Supplied in a drawstring bag.

12 Piece Jigsaw

From £0.81
Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle Patience Game

From £2.60
Patience Puzzles

Trikes Puzzles

From £4.53
4 games in wooden box


From £1.91
Wooden puzzle in cotton pouch

Starnats Brain Teaser

From £2.29
Star brain teaser

20 Piece Card Jigsaw

From £1.45
20 Piece Card Jigsaw

Puzzle Tray

From £0.53
Available in various sizes & colours, these sliding puzzle trays will have peopl..

Irregular Shaped Card Jigsaw

From £3.80
Irregular Shaped Card Jigsaw

3 Piece Wooden Brainteaser

From £6.23
Wooden Puzzle Set

Elastic Cube

Price on request
Elastic Cube

2 x 2 Cube

From £6.45
Rubiks Cube with 6 faces, 4 squares per face. Each face can be personalised in f..

Unlock Fun and Creativity with Personalized Puzzles and Games

Whether you're seeking branded puzzles for team-building activities or engaging items to surprise individuals at their doorstep, our diverse selection has something for everyone. Our lineup includes a wide range of entertaining items, from printed tangle and elastic cubes to branded Wooden Stacking Jenga Blocks.

Engaging Team Building: Branded puzzles are excellent tools for fostering teamwork and camaraderie among your staff. They add an element of fun and challenge to team-building exercises, encouraging collaboration and problem-solving.

Joyful Mailouts: Looking to bring smiles to your audience's faces? Our branded tangles are the perfect choice. They can incorporate up to four lines of personalized text, come in an array of vibrant colors, and are conveniently sized for hassle-free mailouts. These tactile and visually appealing puzzles are sure to delight recipients.

Elevate Your Brand: For a classic game with a twist, consider our Branded Wooden Stacking Jenga Blocks. These versatile wooden blocks can be expertly engraved with your company's logo or message, adding a touch of sophistication to your promotional efforts. They can even be supplied in a branded box for a complete gifting experience.

Your Brand, Your Puzzle: Every puzzle in our collection can be customized with your company's logo, slogan, or artwork. With these personalized puzzles and games, you'll not only provide entertainment but also reinforce brand recognition with every play.

At AMT, we believe in the power of fun and creativity to strengthen connections and leave lasting impressions. Our personalized puzzles and games are more than just amusements; they're valuable tools for building relationships, sparking joy, and enhancing your brand's visibility.

So, whether you're planning team-building activities, sending out thoughtful surprises, or simply looking to infuse fun into your marketing strategy, explore our wide range of puzzles and games. Let us help you turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with branded puzzles that bring joy, laughter, and a touch of magic to every interaction.

Get in touch with us today to embark on a journey of fun, creativity, and brand elevation.