Promotional Pens are an ideal way to promote your brand by displaying a company logo. We offer a wide choice of branded pens that can be printed or engraved. From low-cost personalised pens to top of the range engraved metal pens, we have them all. There are many branding options for customised pens, available in multiple colours and with generous print or engraving areas. Promotional Pens are an ideal way to have your company name on constant show, we can offer some pens with colour matched bodies available from as little as 500 units. 

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Absolute Extra Ballpen

From £0.27
Absolute Extra Ballpen

Absolute® Argent

From £0.29
Promotional Push Button Pen

Absolute® Frost Ballpen

From £0.27
Promotional Absolute® Frost Ballpen

Alaska™ Diamond Ball Pens

From £0.27
Promotional Twist-Action Ballpen

Alaska™ Frost Ballpen

From £0.25
Promotional Twist Action Ballpen

Albany Frost Ball Pens

From £0.12
Promotional Push-Button Frosted Pen

Alpine Gold Ball Pen

From £0.27
Promotional Cap-Action Ballpen

Astaire Classic Pen

From £0.83
Astaire Classic Pen

Aurora Metal Ball Pen

From £6.07
Promotional Twist-Action Ballpen

Bamboo and Metal Pen

From £0.69
Push button pen in aluminium fittings with bamboo barrel. Blue ink.

Bamboo Chrome Pen

From £0.48
Push button ball pen in bamboo with shiny chrome fitting. Blue ink.

Bamboo Pen & Pencil Gift Set

From £9.89
Gift set with ball pen and mechanical pencil in wooden box. Black ink.

Banner Pen with Metal Clip

From £0.68
Banner Pen with Metal Clip

Biodegradable Pen

From £0.35
Push Button ball pen

Biosense Ballpen

From £0.23
Eco friendly recycled paper pen with generous print area.

Biostick Duo Ballpen

From £0.37
Eco friendly double ended ball pen made from recycled paper.

Calypso Ballpen

From £0.43
Push-Action Ballpen

Challenger Clear

Price on request
Challenger Clear

Challenger Polished

Price on request
Challenger Polished

Chorus Ballpen

From £1.12
Chorus Ballpen

Unlock the Power of Promotional Pens for Your Brand

Promotional pens are the epitome of an ideal promotional tool. With the ability to proudly display your company logo, they offer a wide range of branded pen options that can be either printed or engraved. At AMT, we've curated a diverse selection, ensuring we have the perfect pen to suit your brand's needs.

Versatile Options for Every Brand

Our range of branded pens spans from cost-effective personalized pens to high-end engraved metal pens, providing options that align with your branding goals and budget. With a multitude of branding choices available, including generous print or engraving areas, you can tailor these pens to carry your brand's message with precision and style.

Colors that Match Your Brand

The power of color in branding cannot be underestimated, and we understand its significance. That's why we offer promotional pens in multiple colors, allowing you to choose the ones that best complement your brand identity. Some of our pens even feature color-matched bodies, available for orders as low as 500 units. This means you can have your company name on constant display, ensuring maximum brand visibility.

Practicality Meets Promotion

Promotional pens go beyond advertising; they become an integral part of your customers' everyday lives. These pens are used in various settings, from offices to homes, and their practicality ensures that your brand is always at hand when it matters most.

Quality and Perceived Value

The quality of a promotional item speaks volumes about your brand. Branded pens are a tangible representation of your commitment to excellence. Whether you choose cost-effective options or high-end metal pens, your customers will recognize the quality and value your brand represents.

Elevate Your Brand's Visibility

Promotional pens provide an ideal way to elevate your brand's visibility. With your logo on each pen, your brand is continuously on display, making an enduring impression on anyone who uses or receives them.