AMT Marketing have teamed up with Red Paddle Co to bring you the world’s most popular Paddle Board. The 10’6” is a perfect promotional paddle board that offers a good branding area if a logo is required. The success of this paddle board is due to the unrivalled quality, durability and innovation of all Red Paddle Co boards, but also the versatility of the Ride 10’6″ inflatable SUP. It’s designed to float and glide easily on flat water and it has just the right amount of curve in the plan shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are.

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5L Waterproof roll-down bag

From £5.24
5L Waterproof roll-down bag

Red Paddle Board 2021 Model

Price on request
Branded paddle board 2021 Model

Waterproof Dry Bag

From £5.69
5 Litre Waterproof Dry Bag perfect for paddle boarding

Splash-Proof Wireless Speaker

From £26.77
30% Hemp and 70% Polyester fabric finish speaker

Oval Floating Keyring

From £0.70
Oval Floating Keyring

Waterproof bag with straps

From £12.99
Waterproof bag with straps

Large beach dry bag

From £4.36
Large beach dry bag

Outdoor medium dry bag

From £2.73
Outdoor medium dry bag

Explore the World's Most Popular Paddle Board - Your Brand's Perfect Promotional Canvas

AMT Marketing is proud to partner with Red Paddle Co to offer you the renowned 10'6" Paddle Board, an ideal canvas for your branding needs. This inflatable SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) not only provides ample branding space but is also celebrated for its exceptional quality, durability, and innovative design. Discover what makes the Ride 10'6" a favorite among paddle board enthusiasts of all kinds.

Why Choose the Ride 10'6" Paddle Board?

  1. Unrivaled Quality: Red Paddle Co boards are synonymous with quality and excellence. When you choose the Ride 10'6", you're opting for a product known for its superb craftsmanship and performance.

  2. Durability: Crafted to withstand the rigors of water adventures, this paddle board ensures longevity and resilience, ensuring your brand remains visible for a long time.

  3. Versatile Design: The Ride 10'6" inflatable SUP is engineered to excel in various conditions. It glides effortlessly on calm waters and navigates waves with ease, appealing to riders of all skill levels.

Your Brand, Your Adventure

Make a lasting impression with a promotional paddle board that brings your brand to life. Whether you're exploring serene lakes or catching waves, your logo will be prominently displayed, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.

Join the Red Paddle Co Revolution

Ready to embark on your paddleboarding journey? Click here to explore our range of beach items, and let the adventure begin. Experience the thrill of promoting your brand on the world's most popular paddle board with AMT Marketing.

Why Choose AMT Marketing?

  • Exclusive Partnership: We've joined forces with Red Paddle Co to offer you the best-in-class paddle board for your branding needs.

  • Dedicated Service: Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless experience, from selecting the perfect paddle board to customizing it with your logo.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Join a growing list of satisfied clients who have successfully elevated their brand with our premium promotional products.

At AMT we also sell related paddle board items such as dry bags which will keep your posessions safe on your paddle board outings. 

Elevate Your Brand with AMT Marketing

Your brand deserves the spotlight, and our Ride 10'6" Paddle Board is your ticket to an unforgettable promotional journey. Contact us today to make waves in your marketing strategy.