AMT have a wide range of promotional magnifiers, from a printed credit card magnifier to a branded linen tester. A branded magnifier is a great way for a customer to take a closer look at your product or service. A engraved personalised magnifier also makes a great executive gift.     

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Credit Card Magnifier

From £0.42
Promotional Reading Magnifier

Medical Desk Magnifier

From £12.71
Jupitor Medical Measuring Magnifier

PVC Magnifying Glass

From £0.45
Magnifying Glass

White Plastic Magnifier

From £0.42
White Plastic Magnifier

Magnifier Ruler Protractor

From £0.54
Magnifier Ruler Protractor

Ruler with Magnifier

From £0.51
Ruler with Magnifier

Loupe Credit card magni-glass

From £0.56
Reading glass in credit card format. Magnifies up to 3 times.

Magnifier Bookmark

From £1.04
Recycled bookmark with integrated magnifier

Magnifier Mauran 7X

From £3.08
7x folding magnifier

Discover the World with Promotional Magnifiers

At AMT, we bring you a captivating range of promotional magnifiers, designed to offer a closer look at your world. From printed credit card magnifiers to branded linen testers, our collection of magnifiers opens up new dimensions and possibilities for your brand.

Why Choose a Branded Magnifier?

  1. Explore the Details: A branded magnifier is your passport to exploring the intricate details of your products or services. It's a powerful tool that allows your customers to dive deeper into your offerings, highlighting your commitment to transparency and quality.

  2. Executive Gifting: Beyond practicality, an engraved personalized magnifier serves as an exceptional executive gift. It exudes sophistication and thoughtfulness, making it a memorable token of appreciation for your valued clients, partners, and employees.

Our Magnifier Selection

Printed Credit Card Magnifier: Our compact credit card-sized magnifiers are convenient companions for everyday use. Slip them into your wallet, and you'll always have a magnifying glass at hand. With your branding elegantly printed, these magnifiers are both functional and promotional.

Linen Tester Magnifier: For a more specialized tool, our branded linen testers offer enhanced magnification. They are perfect for examining fine details and are commonly used in fields such as textiles, printing, and photography. Make your brand an essential part of their professional toolkit.

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Our commitment to enhancing your workspace doesn't stop at magnifiers. Click here to explore our complete range of desk items, including pens, notepads, and desk organizers. These accessories are designed to elevate your workspace and showcase your brand's attention to detail.

Promote with Precision

A branded magnifier is more than a tool; it's a symbol of precision and dedication to quality. It allows your audience to see the world through your lens, creating a stronger connection with your brand. Whether you're enhancing product presentations or expressing gratitude through executive gifts, our magnifiers make a lasting impression.

Browse Our Magnifier Collection Today

Explore our diverse range of promotional magnifiers and choose the one that aligns with your brand's message and values. Elevate your promotional efforts with a tool that not only magnifies but also amplifies your brand's impact.

Choose clarity, choose precision, choose AMT's promotional magnifiers today and discover a world of possibilities.