We supply a range of promotional kites, our basic sky diamond kite is hugely popular printed kite and our high performance printed stunt kite is perfect for branding. These printed kites can all be personalised with up to 4 colour printing. A branded kite is a perfect way to get your marketing message above the competition.

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Delta Kite

Price on request
The Delta Kite designed to fly in the lightest winds ideal for those lazy days

Mini Sky Diamond

Price on request
Mini Sky Diamond Kite is an ideal kite for a promotional mail out. Size of Kite when put...

Pocket Kite

Price on request
This Kite is so easy to fly no poles no fuss. Just take out of the pouch tie on

Sky Diamond

Price on request
The Sky Diamond Kite with large print area and easy assembly is the number one s..

Small Stunt Kite

Price on request
Mini Cyclone (Small Stunt Kite)

Stunt Parafoil Kite

Price on request
The Parafoil Kite has a large print area and is extremely eye catching once in the air.

50 Balsa Motorplane

From £5.05
A recent addition to our balsa airplane advertising line is this exciting propeller

eco KITE

From £1.32
Eco kite

Logo KITE Digital-print

From £1.38
Logo KITE Digital-print

Spectrum Quadbrella

From £23.02
Unique eye-catching single piece seamless canopy to allow the massive 1metre print area...

Soar Above the Competition with Personalized Promotional Kites

Discover the power of promotional kites as unique marketing tools that elevate your brand message to new heights. At AMT Marketing, we offer a captivating range of kites, from our beloved basic Sky Diamond kite to high-performance printed stunt kites, all ready to showcase your branding in up to 4 striking colors.

The Magic of Branded Kites

Branded kites offer a dynamic way to transcend traditional marketing boundaries. As your logo and message take flight in the open skies, you capture the attention and imagination of onlookers. Whether it's a casual day at the park or a competitive kite festival, our personalized kites ensure your marketing message soars above the competition.

Basic Sky Diamond Kite: Timeless Popularity

Our basic Sky Diamond kite is a timeless favorite. Its simple yet eye-catching design, coupled with the opportunity for 4-color printing, makes it an ideal canvas for your brand. Whether flown at family picnics, beach outings, or promotional events, this kite never fails to draw admiration and attention.

High-Performance Printed Stunt Kite: A Sky-High Branding Marvel

For a more daring approach, our high-performance printed stunt kite takes your branding to the next level. Its exceptional aerodynamics and agility mirror your brand's commitment to excellence. Imagine your logo performing acrobatic feats in the sky, leaving a lasting impression on spectators.