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Terracotta flower pot with plants

From £3.45
Mint, Parsley and Basil

Mixed seeds in craft envelope

From £1.26
Honey bee flowers

Bomb seed growing kit

From £1.62
Wildflower seeds in carton box

Growtree pine seeds

From £4.85
Pine tree will grow

Mix Seeds

From £7.06
Zinc plated plant tub with a selection of 3 herbs

Mint seeds

From £2.17
Can be turned to compost

Basil seeds in bag

From £2.11
Can be turned to compost

Strawberry growing kit

From £7.65
a strawberry growing kit including compost.

Herb pot in wooden case

From £4.93
With mint seeds

Utah bamboo weather station

From £14.18
Made with recycled plastic

Gardening Set

From £22.35
Set of 7 garden tools. Harrow, 2 spades, gloves, watering can, wire and scissors with bag.

MDF birdhouse kit

From £3.10
MDF birdhouse kit, self-assembly