Promotional engraved pens are a great personalised classic and classy gift. Engraving is the best way to brand a pen if you want the logo to really last. Custom Engraving a pen also adds perceived value and is an ideal branded executive gift. Most of our personalised engraved pens can be delivered within a week. If you can't see the pen you are looking for, then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team. Click here to see our full range of Metal Pens!

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Aurora Metal Ball Pen

From £6.07
Promotional Twist-Action Ballpen

Crosby Stylus

From £2.77
Promotional Soft Touch Stylus Pen

Knightsbridge Ballpen

From £7.76
Promotional Twist-Action Ballpen

Lexus Ballpen

From £1.26
Promotional Push-Action Metal Pen


From £3.57
Promotional Twist-Action Ballpen

Cyclone Ballpen

From £0.82
Promotional Cyclone Ballpen

Personalised Name Travis Pen

From £1.08
Rose or Gold Trim Engraved Pen

Bowie Softy Ballpoint Pen

From £3.63
Metal pen with a soft feel barrel in a wide range of colours

Bamboo Bowie Pen

From £3.02
Our popular Bowie pen made from sustainable bamboo

Prince Soft Touch Stylus Pen

From £2.96
A soft rose gold touch pen with stylus

Crosby Shiny Pen

From £2.37
Crosby Shiny Pen

Crosby Softy Pen

From £2.62
Crosby Softy Pen

Point Metal Ballpen

From £1.65
Point Metal Ballpen

Bamboo and plastic ballpen

From £0.67
Bamboo ballpen with plastic tip and top, including rubber tip

Aluminium Inkless Pen with Eraser

From £2.01
Aluminium inkless pen that has a graphite tip with an eraser

Forever yours

The oldest engraving ever found has been dated back between 540,000 and 430,000 from a Homo Erectus site in Java, a mind-blowing length of time to think about. The engraving, along with the others found at the site, are 300,000 years older than any we’ve managed to find before, and brings us to question the boundaries between Homo Sapiens and Homo Erectus, and just how different we are from one another as a species. While we can’t guarantee our engraved pens will last for such a vast length of time, or have such a great historical impact, we can promise ours to be sturdy, chic and beneficial for your company, so shop in our engraved pens section to find the best set for you today!

Keep ‘em colourful

Our engraved pens come in many different colours, the Crosby Stylus from £1.02 with fourteen different colours to choose from and plenty of room for your company’s logo. Our Crosby Softy Pen is laser engraved with whatever you choose, with a total of eighteen different colour choices and amazing starting prices. While our Crosby Shiny Pen W/ Top Stylus doesn’t have as many colours as the other two, the padded stylus feature makes it a brilliant option for iPad users, and our Prince Soft Touch Stylus Pen is a beautiful choice for anyone into rose gold.

Click and scribble

If you’re more interested in a simple design, try our Point Metal Ballpen from just £1.65, or our shiny Medipen from £1.74, both with a smooth metal finish to put your logo on. Our Bamboo Bowie Pen has a very natural look to it, and has a barrel made from bamboo – making it completely biodegradable. While our Cyclone Pen isn’t born from any tropical storms, it will create a stir in your office, and the grip on our Veno Rubber Ball Pen will make sure to prevent any sudden slips of the hand!

Doodle to your heart’s desire

Buy one of our engraved pens today, and you’ll find your colleagues drawing up your praises all over the office!