Discover AMT's eco-friendly charging solutions. From wheat straw to cork, bamboo to recycled plastics, power up sustainably. Our eco-friendly wireless chargers, multichargers, and cables are crafted from wheat straw, cork, bamboo, RPET, and recycled plastic. Attract eco-conscious consumers to your brand with these sustainable products.

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Bamboo and Wheat Straw Charger

From £3.56
Bamboo multi charger made from environmentally-friendly materials

Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Stand

From £10.71
Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Stand

2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

From £5.50
2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

Folding Wireless Charging Station

Charge 4 devices at once

Wheat straw and cork 3-in-1 charger

From £3.82
Bates wheat straw and cork 3-in-1 charging cable

Bamboo Power Bank

From £28.76
Bamboo Power Bank 6000 mAh

Foldable Wireless Charger

From £13.60
Made with RPET

ABS Wireless Earphones Marmara

From £17.52
Earphones in a bamboo case with wireless technology version 5.0. Includes charging cable.

Ontario RCS Recycled Plastic 10W Wireless Charger

From £21.68
Recycled plastic wireless charger with pen holder attached.

Bamboo phone stand in Kraft box

From £2.26
Bamboo phone stand with a hole to connect a charging cable.

10W Wireless bamboo charging pad

From £19.83
Made of a combination of natural terrazzo and bamboo

Swiss Peak wireless charging mousepad

From £17.87
RCS recycled PU 10W

Power your devices and embrace sustainability with AMT's eco-friendly charging solutions.

At AMT, we're proud to introduce our range of eco-friendly wireless chargers, multichargers, and charging cables that not only enhance your digital lifestyle but also reduce your environmental footprint. We've harnessed the power of nature and sustainable materials to create cutting-edge charging accessories that align with your values.

Eco-Forward Materials: Our charging products are crafted using a harmonious blend of eco-forward materials, including wheat straw, cork, bamboo, RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), and recycled plastics. By incorporating these renewable and recycled resources, we've minimized waste, reduced plastic dependency, and helped conserve our planet's resources.

Reliable Performance: Despite their eco-friendly credentials, our charging solutions don't compromise on performance. Expect fast, efficient, and reliable charging for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Our wireless chargers and multichargers are designed to keep you connected without interruption.

Stylish and Functional: Not only do our products deliver the power you need, but they also make a statement. The natural textures of wheat straw, bamboo, and cork lend a unique and stylish look to your charging setup. Many of our charging cables feature durable construction and tangle-free designs, making your life easier while helping the environment.

A Greener Tomorrow: By choosing AMT's eco-friendly charging solutions, you're actively contributing to a more sustainable future. Reduced waste, lower carbon emissions, and minimized plastic usage are just some of the positive impacts you'll be part of.

Join the eco-charging revolution with AMT. Elevate your devices and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously. Make the smart choice for both your digital world and the planet. Explore our range today and experience the synergy of sustainability and technology."

Upgrade your charging experience with AMT's eco-friendly charging solutions – good for your devices, great for the environment.

Our eco-friendly chargers can be pad-printed, although we always recommend engraving on wooden / bamboo products for a smooth and stylish finish.