Eco Drinkware is a great way to promote your brand whilst showing social corporate responsibility. 

We are currently a nation that throws away 2.5 Billion coffee cups a year and less than 1% of these are recyclable.

Why not offer your clients and coffee cup that can be reused and then recycled when it has got to the end of its life.

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Americano Pure

From £4.10
Americano Cup with built-in antimicrobial protection

Collapsible Cup

From £6.48
Collapsible Cup

Eco Can

From £8.01
Eco Drinking Can

Ecoffee Cup 12oz

Ecoffee Cup 12oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 14oz

Ecoffee Cup 14oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 8oz

Ecoffee Cup 8oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Reusable Metal Straw with Brush and Pouch

From £1.82
Set of 1 reusable stainless steel drinking straws and cleaning brush in microfiber pouch.

H2O Eco 650 ml sport bottle

From £4.24
Sport bottle made with recycled ocean plastic.

Universal Mug - Full Colour

From £3.90
Universal Mug

Bello 420ml glass tumbler with recycled materials

From £10.94
Bello 420 ml glass tumbler with recycled plastic outer wall

Lagan 300 ml insulated stainless steel tumbler

From £11.49
Lagan 300 ml copper vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler with bamboo lid

Insulated Glass Bottle With Bamboo Lid

From £5.32
Glass bottle with silicone pouch and bamboo lid with cotton wrist loop.

Valhalla 500 ml copper vacuum insulated tumbler

From £18.10
Valhalla 500 ml copper vacuum insulated tumbler

Biodegradable Universal Tumbler

From £3.05
The universal tumbler made from biodegradable materials.

Circular&Co cup 12oz

Price on request
Circular&Co cup 12oz

Insulated Hot and Cold Drinks Bottle

Price on request
500ml Metal Thermal Bottle


From £2.99
Deco earthenware mug. Available in white only. Capacity: 325ml

500ml Sports bottle

From £1.58
The 500ml baseline bottle has a wide range of standard colours and caps.

Thermomug RETUMBLER-Bayamo

From £11.51
Silicone Grip Thermal Tumbler

Individually Personalised 500ml Metal Bottle

Price on request
Insulated Bottle Engraved with individual initals or name

Promotional Reusable Drinkware has rapidly grown in popularity. Our standard promotional drinkware range has always been a very popular category on the website, and while the bottles on our site are reusable, we wanted to offer an alternative section that you could go to if you're looking to centre your promotional campaign around eco-friendly alternatives. Opting for Eco-friendly is a simple step that you can make to help cut down on single use plastic bottles! 

We are able to supply Eco-friendly Drinkware options with a variety of different benefits, made in the UK, manufactured using Recycled Materials and even Biodegradable bottles. All of these different options show a step forward and whether you choose to change your entire eco promotional campaign, or you just opt for some smaller changes, by incorporating Eco-friendly drinking bottles and travel mugs into your considerations, it's certainly a great step to take.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly water bottle? We have a wide selection of eco drinkware items to choose from. The Promotional Organic Reusable Bottle is one of the most recent additions to our site, this eco-friendly promotional bottle is manufactured from sugarcane. The branded organic reusable bottle is available in 6 different colours and has a unique centre twist so that it's to clean!