AMT can offer a wide range of promotional conference items and gifts that aren’t limited to what we have on our website! All the promotional products that we offer can be branded with your company logo or artwork. We offer conference pads, folders, drinks, and notepads. From the Eco Exhibition stand, which is 100% recyclable, to the Patel Laser Pointer which is an essential if your giving a presentation-order from as little as 50 units!

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact a member of our sales team who will happy to help you find the perfect branded conference items.

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Eco Exhibition stand

Price on request
Eco sleeve display stand

4 Port USB Hub

From £2.55
4 port rectangular USB hub

Seed Paper Petals

From £2.13
Send a blooming message with these unique Seed Paper Petal Cards that fold up to resemble a flower. They are great for adding small gifts such as key chains and are perfectly sized to use as gift card holders.

Badge Ribbon

From £0.30
Badge Ribbon

A4 Wireless Charging Folder

From £48.62
5W Charging Folio

A5 Wireless Charging Folder

From £40.32
A5 folder With Charger

Ebony Briefcase Folder

From £21.31
A4 Briefcase

Essential Tech Folder

From £19.16
A4 Zipped Folder

A4 Conference Folder with Calculator

From £22.05
A4 conference folder with notepad and calculator

Belluno PU A5 Conference Folder

From £11.40
Coloured Belluno Range A5 Folder


From £1.61
750ml with screw lid

Water 330ml

From £1.02
330ml. Pure, Still & Sparkling Mineral Water in a Plastic Bottle with Full Colour Printed Label...

Water 500ml

From £1.05
500ml. Pure, Still & Sparkling Mineral Water in a Plastic Bottle with Full Colour Printed Label...

Glass Jug

From £4.65
Glass Jug

Hutton Conference Bag

From £5.00
Hutton Conference Bag

Printed Table Cloth

From £70.00
Printed exhibition table cloth made from high grade polyester.

A6 Smart Pad

From £0.51
A6 Notepad

Name Badge

From £0.89
Name Badge

Recycled Display Book.

From £6.34
Recycled Display Book.

Bamboo Badge

From £0.83
Bamboo Badge

Unlock Your Brand's Potential with Personalized Conference Items

Elevate your corporate events and conferences with AMT's extensive range of personalized conference items and gifts. Our commitment to your brand's success goes beyond what you see on our website. Every promotional product we offer can be expertly branded with your company logo or artwork, ensuring your brand takes center stage.

All-Inclusive Range

Our comprehensive selection includes conference pads, folders, drinkware, notepads, and so much more. From the eco-conscious Eco Exhibition Stand, constructed from 100% recyclable materials, to the professional Patel Laser Pointer, an essential tool for presentations, you can order these remarkable items starting from just 50 units.

Tailored to Perfection

We understand that every event is unique, which is why our personalized conference items can be tailored to match your specific requirements. Whether you need branded materials for a small corporate meeting or a large-scale conference, our flexible solutions ensure your brand is showcased flawlessly.

Unleash Your Brand's Potential

By incorporating your logo or artwork onto these conference items, you're not just providing functional tools but also leaving a lasting impression. Every pad, folder, or laser pointer becomes a powerful extension of your brand identity, making your event memorable and your message impactful.

Your Success, Our Priority

At AMT, we're committed to helping you unlock your brand's full potential. Our personalized conference items are designed to enhance your corporate events, leaving a positive and lasting impression on your audience.

Get in Touch

Ready to elevate your brand's presence at conferences and events? Contact us today to explore our wide range of personalized conference items and gifts. Let's work together to make your next corporate event a resounding success.