Promotional conference folders personalised with your logo can give your meeting a more professional air as well as boosting brand awareness. We have a variety of promotional conference folders available to suit all budgets. Our conference folders are available in various colours, sizes and materials as well as offering a variety of closures including zip-around, clasp and straps for added security.  All of our promotional conference folders can be embossed, laser engraved or printed. Or create a bespoke conference folder to add that extra special finish.  Optional extras include a notepad, calculator, usb holder and integrated pockets. Some of the popular promotional conference folders in our range include the A4 conference folder, Ebony folder and the zipped conference folder.

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A4 Wireless Charging Folder

From £46.20
5W Charging Folio

A5 Wireless Charging Folder

From £36.55
A5 folder With Charger

Berkeley A4 Zipped Folder

From £11.72
600D material

Cambridge A4 Folder

From £7.26
A4 PU folder

Ebony A4 Folder

From £7.62
A4 Folder

Ebony Briefcase Folder

From £15.85
A4 Briefcase

Ebony Zipped Folder

From £11.12
A4 Size

Essential Tech Folder

From £15.93
A4 Zipped Folder

Leather Harvard A4 Portfolio

From £30.89
Havard A4 Portfolio

ELeather A4 Conference Folder

Price on request
ELeather A4 Conference Folder

Belluno A4 Conference Folder

From £16.04
Made with Belluno PU

A4 Conference Folder Microfibre

From £9.23
Conference folder with pad, made from a microfiber with a PU

A4 Conference folder Split

From £9.74
A4 Conference folder in nylon material

A4 Conference Folder with Calculator

From £15.60
A4 conference folder with notepad and calculator

A4 Microfibre Conference Folder

From £15.01
A4 Zip Around Microfibre Folder

A4 zipped PU conference folder

From £10.31
A4 zipped PU conference folder

Belluno PU A5 Conference Folder

From £13.15
Coloured Belluno Range A5 Folder

Hampton Leather A5 Folder

From £12.91
Hampton Leather Zipped Folder

Full Colour A5 Conference Folder

From £0.07
Full colour printed cover