Promotional conference folders personalised with your logo can give your meeting a more professional air as well as boosting brand awareness. We have a variety of promotional conference folders available to suit all budgets. Our conference folders are available in various colours, sizes and materials as well as offering a variety of closures including zip-around, clasp and straps for added security.  All of our promotional conference folders can be embossed, laser engraved or printed. Some added extras include a notepad, calculator, usb holder and integrated pockets. Some of the popular promotional conference folders in our range include the A4 conference folder, Ebony folder, and the zipped conference folder. 


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A4 Wireless Charging Folder

From £48.62
5W Charging Folio

A5 Wireless Charging Folder

From £40.32
A5 folder With Charger

Berkeley A4 Zipped Folder

From £12.52
600D material

Ebony Briefcase Folder

From £21.31
A4 Briefcase

Ebony Zipped Folder

From £13.23
A4 Size

Essential Tech Folder

From £19.16
A4 Zipped Folder

ELeather A4 Conference Folder

From £42.69
ELeather A4 Conference Folder

Belluno A4 Conference Folder

From £15.97
Made with Belluno PU

A4 Conference folder Split

From £10.84
A4 Conference folder in nylon material

A4 Conference Folder with Calculator

From £22.05
A4 conference folder with notepad and calculator

A4 Microfibre Conference Folder

From £25.75
A4 Zip Around Microfibre Folder

Belluno PU A5 Conference Folder

From £11.40
Coloured Belluno Range A5 Folder

Hampton Leather A5 Folder

From £12.91
Hampton Leather Zipped Folder

Full Colour A5 Conference Folder

From £0.07
Full colour printed cover

Leather Zipped A5 Conference Folder

From £13.53
Leather A5 Zipped Folder

A4 RPET Portfolio

From £18.26
A4 RPET Portfolio

Basic A4 Conference Folder

From £5.33
A4 folder with 20-sheet lined pad

A4 folder with ring mechanism

From £26.30
A4 folder with ring mechanism

Balmoral Bonded Leather Folder

From £14.72
Balmoral Bonded Leather Folder

Discover the Impact of Promotional Printed Conference Folders!

Promotional printed conference folders play a crucial role in elevating your brand at business gatherings, conferences, and events. These stylish folders serve a dual purpose: efficient organisation and potent brand promotion.

Imagine being at a bustling conference, trying to stand out from the crowd. That's where these customised folders come into play. They are more than just folders; they are tailored to showcase your company's logo and messaging, acting as your brand's superhero cape, ensuring your identity takes center stage.

However, their appeal extends beyond aesthetics. These folders are designed for practicality. Featuring pockets, slots, and compartments, they simplify the task of organizing vital documents, business cards, and pens. Say goodbye to rummaging through your bag in search of misplaced business cards; everything is neatly organised in one place.

Now, consider the versatility of these folders for marketing. While they shine at conferences, their utility is not limited to that context alone. They can be a valuable addition to board meetings, client presentations, or even as welcome kits for new employees. Your brand travels wherever these folders go.

Moreover, they are eco-conscious. Many of our folders are crafted from sustainable materials, showcasing your commitment to responsible sourcing while promoting your brand.

Let's discuss budget considerations. Marketing expenses can add up, but these folders offer a cost-effective solution. Compared to other promotional materials, they provide exceptional value for your investment. Their longer lifespan ensures that your brand continues to shine long after the event concludes, extending your brand's exposure.

Lastly, these folders leave a memorable impression. Amidst a stack of promotional materials, a well-designed conference folder stands out as a practical and memorable keepsake. It reinforces your brand message and serves as a tangible reminder of your company's presence and professionalism.

In summary, our promotional printed conference folders are more than just folders; they are powerful tools for enhancing your brand. They are customizable, practical, versatile, eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and leave a lasting impact. The next time you attend or host an event, consider these folders as your trusted allies in making your brand shine.