At AMT Marketing, we understand that fostering creativity and learning in children is paramount. Our extensive array of promotional children's products goes beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse range of options to delight and educate young minds. From playful printed fun pencils and captivating branded children's coloring books to outdoor adventures with kites and yo-yos, our collection is brimming with creative possibilities. And if you don't find precisely what you seek, our dedicated sales team is ready to source the perfect item to meet your unique needs. Explore the world of promotional children's products with us and make a lasting impression on the next generation.

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A6 Sticker Activity Book

From £0.85
A6 Sticker Activity Book

Cotton pencil case

From £2.28
Cotton pencil case

20 Piece Card Jigsaw

From £1.45
20 Piece Card Jigsaw

50 Balsa Motorplane

From £5.05
A recent addition to our balsa airplane advertising line is this exciting propeller

Abigail Coloured Pencils

From £0.18
Promotional 6 coloured pencils in box

Bath Water Temperature Gauge

From £0.61
Bath Water Temperature Gauge

Beau Artist Set

From £3.37
Painting set in wooden box

Brabo Crayons

From £0.35
Carton of 6 wax crayons

Bucket and Spade set

From £2.51
Children beach set

Button Badges

From £0.16
45mm Button Badges

Card Masks with Elastic

From £0.44
Card Masks with Elastic

Children's Activity Packs

From £1.04
Children's Activity Packs

Childrens Crayon Set

From £1.15
30 Crayons in card tube.

Colored Pencil Set

From £0.34
Set of 6 coloured pencils in a cardboard box.

Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case

From £2.02
Promotional Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case.

Colouring Book And Pencil

From £1.19
1 colouring book (31 x 21,5 cm) 8 pages with 6 short colouring pencils.


From £0.66

Farm Animal Pen

From £0.60
Farm Animal Pen with wooden barrel.

Flower Pen

From £0.60
Wooden barrel

Nurture Imaginations with Creative Children's Products

At AMT Marketing, we believe in the power of play and learning to ignite young imaginations. Our diverse range of children's products, including coloring kits, puzzles, toys, and games, is designed to spark creativity and provide hours of entertainment while fostering essential skills and knowledge.

Unleash Creativity with Our Coloring Kits

Coloring is more than just an enjoyable pastime for children; it's a creative outlet that enhances fine motor skills and self-expression. Our coloring kits offer a wide variety of themes and designs to cater to young artists of all ages. Whether it's a rainy day at home, a school activity, or a community event, our coloring kits provide endless opportunities for colorful expression.

Engage Young Minds with Puzzles

Puzzles are fantastic tools for stimulating cognitive development, problem-solving abilities, and patience in children. Our puzzle collection encompasses a broad spectrum of difficulty levels and themes to ensure there's a perfect puzzle for every child. Whether it's a jigsaw puzzle that encourages family bonding or brain-teasers that challenge individual intellect, our puzzles offer endless fun with educational benefits.

Learning Through Play with Our Toys

Toys are essential for hands-on learning and imaginative play. Our carefully curated selection of toys is designed to pique curiosity and encourage exploration in young minds. From building blocks that boost spatial awareness to imaginative playsets that transport children to new worlds, our toys promote creativity, social interaction, and skill development.

Fun and Educational Games for All Ages

Games bring joy, laughter, and learning to children of all ages. Our game collection offers options suitable for various age groups, from classic board games that promote family togetherness to strategy games that challenge and entertain. Whether it's a relaxed game night with friends or a competitive showdown with family, our games create cherished memories and foster critical thinking.

Promotional Children's Products: More Than Just Fun

In addition to our exciting range of children's products, we offer a selection of promotional items specifically tailored for young audiences. These include:

  • Printed Fun Pencils: Customized pencils that add a fun and personal touch to school supplies.

  • Branded Children's Coloring Books: Promotional coloring books featuring your branding, perfect for giveaways and educational events.

  • Kites and Yo-Yos: Outdoor toys that combine play with promotional value, ideal for community events and brand exposure.

  • And More: If you can't find the specific item you're looking for, our dedicated sales team is ready to source it for you.

Why Choose AMT Marketing?

  1. Quality and Safety: We prioritize the safety and well-being of children. Our products meet strict safety standards and are made from high-quality materials.

  2. Educational Value: Our products aren't just for fun; they're tools for learning, skill development, and creative expression.

  3. Variety and Customization: With a wide range of products and customization options, you can find the perfect children's items to align with your brand.

  4. Dedicated Sales Support: Our sales team is here to assist you in finding the right promotional products and ensuring your complete satisfaction.