We offer Promotional Binoculars, branded with a company logo. All of our promotional binoculars can be printed or engraved which presents a great opportunity for advertising. Personalised binoculars make a great corporate gift, ideal for people with interests in activities such as sailing, bird watching and horse racing. Please contact us for more information on our range.

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Everest Binoculars

From £18.33
Binoculars with red coated lenses.


From £7.73
Plastic and rubber binoculars with a 4 x 30 magnification.


From £14.72
Aluminium and Rubber


From £34.18
ABS Plastic and Rubber

Gain a Clear View with Personalized Promotional Binoculars

Unlock the world of personalized promotional binoculars and see your brand from a new perspective. AMT Marketing offer a range of binoculars ready to showcase your company logo through printing or engraving, opening exciting opportunities for effective advertising. Personalized binoculars aren't just optical devices; they're memorable corporate gifts, perfect for individuals with interests spanning sailing, bird watching, horse racing, and more.

A Closer Look at Promotional Binoculars

Promotional binoculars are more than just tools for viewing distant horizons; they're powerful branding instruments. When your logo graces these precision optical devices, it's not just about seeing clearly; it's about creating a vivid brand presence in the minds of your audience.

Printed or Engraved: The Choice is Yours

Our personalized binoculars offer versatile customization options. Choose between printing or engraving to showcase your branding. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a more subtle, engraved touch, we have the tools and expertise to bring your brand vision to life.

A Gift for the Avid Enthusiast

Personalized binoculars are not your ordinary promotional items; they are gifts that cater to the passions and interests of your audience. Ideal for those who enjoy activities like sailing, bird watching, horse racing, and beyond, these binoculars add a touch of sophistication to their pursuits while connecting your brand with their leisure and enthusiasm.